Sunday, May 19, 2013

Body Sculpting Workout

You want tight toned curves? Well we gotta work for it.  Pick up those heavy weights and lets get to work. This is a total body toning workout. No Cardio. Put on some good music & Pump it out!

Round 1
Squat 15
Lat Row each Arm 15
Plie Squat Feet wide toes turned out 15
Bicycle Crunch 15
Repeat 3 times

Narrow Tricep Pushups- Hands Close together 15 reps

Overhead Tricep Extension 15
Reverse Alternating lunges 30 total ( 15 each leg)
lateral raises 15
Dead lift 15
Crunch 15
Repeat 3 times

Wide Push Ups- Hands wide 15 reps

Round 3
Stationary Lunge 15 on each leg
Chest Fly
Standing Calf Raises 15 reps
Reverse Crunches legs up in air 15 reps
Repeat 3 times

Regular Push Ups 15 reps

Round 4
Upright Row 15
Bench Press 15
Skull Crusher 15
Alternating Bicep Curls 15
Repeat 3 times