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Kelsey Byers Feature # 3

Success Story Saturday Feature # 3

Name: Kelsey Byers
Age: 31
Location: Houston, Tx
Before Weight: 176
After Weight: 132
Did you have weight loss surgery? No
Do you have any children? No

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Kelsey's Weight Loss Story

Were you overweight as a child?

I was never overweight as a child. Even as a teen, I was very active in sports and was a string bean. It wasn’t until I graduated high school that my habits changed and I started gaining weight.

What caused your weight gain?

I gained fifty pounds my first two years in college. I started eating fast food, drinking alcohol and quit working out. With the decreased activity level and bad habits, the weight snuck up on me. In a matter of two years, I went from a size four jeans to a size fourteen. I knew I needed to make a lifestyle change.

What were some of the biggest struggles that you faced while overweight?

The hardest part about losing the weight was finding ways to stay motivated and actually changing the way I viewed food. I used to view it as entertainment, but I started losing weight once I focused on nutrition and looked at food as fuel. I avoided eating fast food and drinking alcohol. The weight slowly came off. It took me several years to lose my weight because I did not understand the value of a clean meal plan. Once I got to a size eight jeans, I felt happy and healthy. At that point I realized that I was ready to take fitness to the next level. I started lifting weights and hired a nutritionist. That’s when my body really started to reshape itself.

Was your self esteem and relationships with others affected due to being overweight?

My weight gain definitely affected my self esteem. My self confidence was low and it made me feel insecure about dating. I had several relationships that centered around the drama-and-partying lifestyle. I was not happy. I wanted someone who wanted me for me, not just because I fit into their lifestyle. I needed to figure out how to love myself before I could expect someone else to love me.

Did you avoid going out or being in pictures with others?

I loved going out with friends. My thin friends got plenty of attention from guys and I always wondered what I was missing. I always had a camera with me so I was always in pictures. I am thankful for those pictures now because little did I know, they would be my “before” pictures that would motivate so many people.

What was your breaking point. The moment where you said ENOUGH! And you
decided to regain control of your life?

I was fed up with the woman I saw in the mirror. I was always shopping, searching for that perfect outfit to make me feel good. I finally realized that when you feel great in your own skin, you can wear anything with confidence.

How did you begin? For example: Did you hire a personal trainer, maybe join a
weight loss center, buy self help books, use the internet for information?

I met my now-husband, Kent, and he encouraged me to start lifting weights. He explained that it would tone me and add shape, not make me bulky. He was right! We started cooking in my apartment versus going out to eat for dates. I remember cutting out alcohol for one month and losing close to eight pounds! That was a big sign for me to cut back on the drinks.

What tools did you use to help you during your journey? For example: Did you
use any fitness trackers, phone apps, food log, diary, vision boards?

I started tracking my workouts and meals in a planner. I looked to fitness magazines for motivation, recipes and workouts. I started a vision board of my favorite athletes and placed it in my office so I would see it every day. What really kept me focused was taking progress pictures. It allowed me to watch my body changing and that kept me challenging myself in the gym.

Lets talk about your Diet Plan. Did you count calories, follow a specific diet, hire a nutritionist?

I hired my nutritionist, Kim Porterfield, in March 2010. She showed me how to meet my goal of becoming a fitness model. Within just four months of consistent clean eating, my body had completely reshaped itself. I eat every 3 hours, 5-7 meals a day. Each meal consists of a lean protein, complex carb and veggie. I also eat healthy fats in moderation. It really is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Did you take any diet pills, supplements, energy drinks, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes?

I don’t believe in diet pills. I believe in something you can do for life. Clean eating is the only thing that has worked for me. My definition of clean eating is choosing non-processed meals every 3 hours, 5-7 meals a day.

I use Labrada Nutrition Lean Body for Her shakes as meal replacements when I am on the go. They taste great and make it impossible for me to miss a meal. I take a multi-vitamin and fish oil.

Stay tuned for my next 12 week challenge on the Labrada Nutrition website:

Were there any supplements listed above that you feel were a waste of money?

I would focus on your meal plan before you spend money on supplements. You can’t out train a bad diet, so focus on your meal plan. Supplements only “supplement” a clean nutrition program. It would be wise to keep a great meal replacement shake on hand in case you get busy with work, traveling, etc.

Anything you highly recommend people try?

I just wrote my first book, which I am proud of. I share my journey, motivation, meal plan and exercise plan. It has already helped thousands of people. I am just blessed to be able to share my story with the world.

My book link:

Please tell us about your exercise part of your journey.
What was your plan of action?

I aim at staying active four to five days a week. I sit behind a desk at my full time job, so it’s important for me to be active as often as possible. Nutrition determines 80% of what you look like, so as long as I keep my meal plan clean, I feel great. I lift weights 4-5 days a week and do cardio three days for about 30-40 minutes on the elliptical.

Did you join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or workout at home?

I have a gym membership, but also workout at home with resistance bands and dumbbells. I add workout videos to my YouTube channel to help guide women in the gym.

What kind of workouts did you do? Did you get ideas online, use fitness dvds?

I typically lift weights and use resistance training. is a great resource for workout videos.

Please list the struggles that you faced when you first started exercising.

It’s frustrating at first because it’s natural to want results after one or two workouts. That is just not realistic. Just know that it takes several months of consistent clean eating and working out to see results. You may start feeling better immediately after you workout, so that’s a quick benefit. Working out just makes me feel productive and happy. It keeps my attitude positive.

What helped you push through & refuse to give up?

Taking progress pictures and measurements really pushed me to keep going. Watching my body change through photos was a strong factor in staying motivated.

How long did it take you to start seeing visual changes?

It took three to four months of consistent clean eating and training to see big results.
How long did it take you to reach your goal weight?

It took me several years to lose my fifty pounds through trial and error with eating healthier. It only took three to four months to see a big change once I hired my nutritionist. I could have lost my weight years earlier had I only known the value of a clean meal plan.

How long have you maintained your weight loss and how do you do it?

I have kept the weight off for almost four years. I just stay active and stick to my meal plan year round.

How has your life changed now that you've lost the weight?

I have been blessed with an amazing platform to reach out to many people with my story. I am a Labrada Nutrition spokesmodel for Lean Body for Her. I have also appeared in over ten fitness magazines, including the cover of Oxygen Magazine. I just keep setting big goals and going after them.

Has your confidence improved?

My confidence has improved and I learned to love my body. I am proud of my results and the confidence comes from the fact of knowing that I have the control to achieve any goal with fitness.

Do you have any loose skin from the weight loss?

I do not have loose skin. I lost my weight over several years, so it wasn’t an overnight type of transformation. I was also in my early twenties during my transformation and I think it makes a difference in the elasticity of skin.

If you do, how does this make you feel? N/A

Do you have any tips or words of advice for anyone who might be afraid of this issue?

My advice would be to focus on your nutrition first. I have seen people lose weight focusing on nutrition alone. I think the biggest misconception is that you have to spend hours in the gym to get great results. Just do something active 45-60 minutes, three to five days a week, eat clean and you will see great results.

Do you have any weight loss tips that you would like to share with everyone?

See above.

Please list an example of what your typical meal plan looks like for the day. Don't
forget to include the serving size & your beverages.

You can check out my book for my meal plan and recommended serving size. I eat every 3 hours, 5-7 meals a day.

Please list your workout routine for the week. .
Monday- Shoulders and abs, 40 min of cardio
Tuesday- Glutes and legs
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Chest and triceps, 30 min of cardio
Friday- Back and biceps, 30 min of cardio
Saturday- (Optional) Work weakest body part- glutes for me
Sunday- rest

Thank you for your reading ! Just remember, eat clean and follow your dreams!

Kelsey Byers

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