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Rick Wyckoff Feature # 1

Success Story Saturday Feature # 1

Name: Rick Wyckoff
Age: 34
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Before Weight: 426
After Weight: 240
Did you have weight loss surgery? No
Do you have any children? No
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Rick's Weight Loss Story

Were you overweight as a child? Yes

What caused your weight gain? 

Not really sure. The weight just kinda came on in the second grade. I was active as a kid. But every month, my parents had to buy me new clothes. The weight came on quick and just stayed on.
What were some of the biggest struggles that you faced while overweight? 

Self confidence was huge. I never had the confidence to make many friends or let alone date. So I grew up a pretty lonely kid and been lonely as an adult.
Was your self esteem and relationships with others affected due to being over
weight? Did you avoid going out or being in pictures with others?

Hah, funny that this is the next question, cause yes, I feel like my weight has created a wall around me. Growing up overweight and being bullied and outcast has made it extremely difficult for me to relate to others and to open up or allow others into my life. As a result, I'm a very lonely guy. Still to this day, I lack self confidence to date or to socialize. I always made sure someone was in front of me in pictures.

What was your breaking point. The moment where you said ENOUGH! And you
decided to regain control of your life?

I think it was several things, but the breaking point was a pizza binge. I was up that night, sick with indigestion, and just thought about how much of a waste my life was becoming. There was so much I wanted to do. I was worth an effort. Those thoughts just kept going over and over in my head.

How did you begin? For example: Did you hire a personal trainer, maybe join a
weight loss center, buy self help books, use the internet for information?

I began by watching motivational videos and getting in touch with one gentleman in particular. Eli Sapharti's transformation was just incredible and he sounded genuine in wanting to help others. So I contacted him and he took me on as a client. He really got my had in the right place and taught me to take this one step at a time.

What tools did you use to help you during your journey? For example: Did you
use any fitness trackers, phone apps, food log, diary, vision boards?

I didn't have a whole lot of tools per se. Other than having Eli there to bounce ideas off of and lead me through a program to get started. I didn't count calories. I didn't keep a workout journal. My first week, I just gave up fast food and walked 15 minutes everyday. I still ate junk, but it was a step in the right direction. 

Lets talk about your Diet Plan. Did you count calories, follow a specific diet, hire a nutritionist? 

No, none of the above. My approach was to keep it simple. I slowly transitioned my diet to one that was healthier, i.e. contained more meat, vegetable, fruits, healthy fats... I slowly weened myself off of sugars and processed foods.

Did you take any diet pills, supplements, energy drinks, protein shakes, meal
replacement shakes?

I didn't rely on any of that for my weight loss. I took a multi vitamin and Omega 3s but that's all.

Were there any supplements listed above that you feel were a waste of money?

I didn't really get into supplements until recently. Now that I'm trying to build muscle, I've been trying out a few things. But when I first started and after losing over 160 pounds, I didn't use any supplements.

Anything you highly recommend people try? I strongly suggest growing to love good wholesome healthy food.

Keep it natural, not in a can or with a list of a bunch of ingredients.

Please tell us about your exercise part of your journey.
What was your plan of action? One step at a time.
Did you join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or workout at home?
I started off working out at home. Actually for the first few months, I just walked. That was my workout. And at over 400 pounds, it was perfect for me.
What kind of workouts did you do? Did you get ideas online, use fitness dvds? Just walking. It's all I needed to get started. At 400+ pounds, gyms were intimidating, personal trainers were too expensive, dvd's seems gimmicky. But I could walk!

Please list the struggles that you faced when you first started exercising.
What helped you push through & refuse to give up?

Having some trust in Eli that this was the way to go. I had to have faith that just walking would lead to weight loss and it did! The results added to my drive.
How long did it take you to start seeing visual changes? It took a few weeks for me. I had A LOT of weight to lose and it was melting off fairly quickly at first. 10 pounds the first week.

How long did it take you to reach your goal weight?

What goal weight haha? I don't have a goal weight. I do have a goal lifestyle though! To me that's FAR more important than a number on the scales.

How long have you maintained your weight loss and how do you do it?
I'm not at where I want to be yet. 

How has your life changed now that you've lost the weight? 

I'm more outgoing. I'm not intimidated by athletes or fitness people now. The gym is my second home haha. I still struggle with self image and self confidence though.
Has your confidence improved? It has, but I still struggle socializing and trying to date.

Do you have any loose skin from the weight loss? Yes a lot... it doesn't help with the self confidence.

If you do, how does this make you feel? Frustrated is the best word. You spend months and years trying to lose nearly 200 pounds and all you hav to show for it is a scared body that no one finds attractive. 

Do you have any tips or words of advice for anyone who might be afraid of this

Don't let it stop you. Your health is far more important than how you look.
Do you have any weight loss tips that you would like to share with everyone? Take it one step at a time. Don't make it overly complicated. Weight loss doesn't have to be complicated or overwhelming. Focus on today. Do what you know you need to do today. Today is the only day we have, so make it count!

Please list an example of what your typical meal plan looks like for the day. Don't forget to include the serving size & your beverages.

My meal regimen and workout routine is property of Jeremy Reid Fitness and not sure I should share it.

But here's some guidelines that I follow.
Breakfast is a shake that my doctor recommends:
8:00am OptiCleanse protein by Xymogen, liquid chlorophyll, maca powder, sprouted chia seeds, glutamine, and berries
I try and eat something every 2.5 - 3 hours during the day. Each meal includes a protein, a carb (like brown rice or sweet potato) and a vegetable. 
Please list your workout routine for the week. . I usually workout one bodypart once a week for about 1.5 hour a day. Right now I'm doing cardio twice a week.

Thank you for reading!

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