Saturday, June 22, 2013

Peanut Butter Ice Cream at 12 am? Yes please!

So it's LATE saturday night.. The hubby & the kids are in bed.
I'm just relaxing... browsing through my facebook feed.. and BAM! I suddenly got the biggest craving EVER for ice cream. 

Where in the Hello did that just come from?!


What's a girl to do....

I know! Grab my keys, drive up the nearest gas station and pig out on reeses peanut butter cups & ben and jerrys! 

I'm kidding! 


I decided to have a little fun in my kitchen.

Prepare to be amazed :D

                           My late night experiment : 
                            Peanut butter ice cream

I put a single serving of chobani greek yogurt into a little bowl. I mixed in some stevia & PB2. I did not measure anything.. But I would estimate about a 1/4 cup of stevia and 3-4 TBL spoons of PB2

 I love chocolate chips in my ice cream.. So I decided to use chia seeds to make it look like I had them in there. Haha. Don't ask :) 

Next: I put my little experiment into the freezer. And I crossed my fingers. Even said a little prayer 
I decided to make some toppings while I waited for the yogurt to freeze.
I grabbed a bag of frozen strawberries & popped a few into the microwave to defrost.

Next I crushed up some raw almonds.
NUTS are my absolute favorite topping :) 

Okay. So my toppings are ready to rock and roll.....

Its been about 15 minutes. Time to check the freezer

Not too hard. Not too soft.


It looks just like ice cream & Tastes AMAZING!!! I am literally jumping up and down right now lol

Time to add the finishing touches...

                          Oh my goodness... 
                 I am in Heaven right now!!! 

I hope you enjoyed!!